Changelog 0.6.3

Throwing grenades now have a 1 second cooldown
Challenge 6 has been added
Grenade aiming is now more accurate
Dash ability has been removed and replaced with a speed boosting ability
Increased challenge message duration by 2 seconds
Challenge 2 has been redesigned
Scores from Challenge 2 reset

Changelog 0.6.2c

All enemies in challenge mode now run at their correct speed
Redesigned challenge 4 map so it's not as large (action happens sooner)

Changelog 0.6.2

Players now throw grenades as expected
Added the first Coop Challenge map for 1-4 players
Added some cheat protection into challenge 2
Prevented weapon scaling on challenge 3

Changelog 0.6.1

Hitboxes on Switch Mode/Sell Turret have been fixed
Added first 5 single player challenges

Changelog 0.6.0

You no longer shoot when using airstrikes
Airstrike draw graphic updated so it's better to see
Speed boost bosses now work as expected
Blimp health increased
Skull spawner health increased
Skull spawner movement speed increased
Flame resist bosses now resist 50% damage instead of 65%

Changelog 0.5.9

Crit chance values reviewed
Scores from yesterday's patch removed due to a bug in balance
Bullets now only hit 1 enemy

Changelog 0.5.8

Desert 3 level design has been completed
Text for Unleash Rage magical ability corrected
Forest 1 level design has been completed
Desert 4 level design has been completed
Added Tower Buff magical power - buff your towers by 25% for 10 seconds
Added sound for notification messages - fly in/out
Forest 2 level design has been completed
Crit chance cost reduced
Crit damage cost reduced
Crit damage values now increase by 20% (down from 50%)
Altered spawn times of enemies in the very late game

Changelog 0.5.7

Golem Smash damage and radius now increased
New Unleash Rage ability has been added
Casting time of all magical abilities greatly reduced
Blimps now spawn in PvP (still can't summon yet)
Improved character animation state switching
Improved Freeze Enemy particles
A sound now plays when your ability is ready to use
Resolved disappearing level issue on Desert 4

Changelog 0.5.6

Rain performance increased by 66%
Rain now falls as expected (directionally)
Rain sound should no longer play once the rain has stopped
Magical abilities now use minimal network bandwidth
Performance improved significantly on Golem Smash magical ability
Blimps now spawn coins on the floor instead of floating in the air
Resolved two game breaking bugs
Updated description text for Golem Smash magical ability

Changelog 0.5.5

Purchasing supplies on Forest 4 is now more reliable
The humans now send blimps to attack you
Added magical abilities into the game - you select these at the start of the game
Heal base magical ability added
Freeze enemy magical ability added
Golem smash magical ability added
Cooldown for all magical abilities is 5 minutes
Possible fix for disappearing players
Improved player character animation performance

Please go into your key configuration by pressing F2 and select the magical ability bind

Changelog 0.5.4

Improved lighting at night time
Healthbars are now always visible in PvP mode
Build reduction no longer reduces the cost of enemies in PvP
Cost to send most enemies in PvP mode lowered
Network replication improved - more responsive
Flame immune boss ability removed and replaced with flame resist (damage now 35%)
Flame wall now costs 400 for 100 supplies
Flame wall now causes 2500 damage for 10 seconds (up from 250)
Dumping supplies now dumps 100 supplies instead of 10
Buying shotgun now gives 5 initial bullets instead of 3
Railgun cost reduced to 200 coins (down from 400)
Player flamer cost reduced to 100 coins (down from 200)
Grenade towers level 1 upgrade reduced to 230 coins
Grenade towers level 2 upgrade reduced to 440 coins
Ice tower level 1 upgrade reduced to 175 (down from 225)
Grenade upgrade text is now correct
Profanity filter improved
Air towers now lock onto a single target until dead
Multiplayer health scaling reduced
You can no longer run over lanes on desert 4
Chat now clears upon pressing escape
Air strike damage now scales with time

Changelog 0.5.3b

Twitch streamer vs viewers mode has been added!
Scores are no longer submitted in streamer vs viewer mode to stop exploits
This is the first version of the mode and in early development. To set it up, just go to the options screen on the main menu!

Changelog 0.5.2

Adjusted enemy health in multiplayer games
Terrain no longer disappears on desert maps
Individual kills should now submit per score
ELO is now only affected in ranked games
ELO ratings have been reset
You can now see how many players are online in the main menu
Account security improvements
Profanity filter added (more tweaking may be required)
User online status now accurate
Other players should no longer disappear
You can no longer walk on the grass on Forest 4
Find PvP now works and automatically matches you against an opponent!
If you quit a PvP game, it now counts as a loss
Lighting should no longer get blocky around the base

Changelog 0.5.1

Machinegun cost is now calculated correctly in PvP
You can no longer run on the grass on forest 4
Some trees have been added to forest 4
Cleaned up forest 4 and added some areas where you shouldn't be able to place turrets
Game over screen with fireworks now works as expected on PvP
Floor shadows improved on PvP map
Wins and losses now submit correctly for PvP ELO rating

Changelog 0.5.0a/b (hotfix)

Planes now spawn as expected
Forest 4 pathfinding fixed
First pass at tidying up desert 3 (other desert levels to follow)

Changelog 0.5.0

Graphics - textures are more detailed, colours are more vibrant and an overall less blur/washed out look
Slight performance increase (mainly memory related)
Lighting for projectiles is now enabled
Quality settings now forced

Mobile development testing (part 1)

Decided to test with an iPad Air 2 device to see what it would look like.
I'll be running tests on other devices shortly but at least we know this could potentially work :)

Changelog 0.4.9

Teleporter no longer blocks bullets
Damage upgrade on level 3 laser tower is now displayed correctly
Lighting on lightning no longer bugs out
Base or trader no longer blocks bullets (invisible barrier bug)
Machinegun turret upgrade damage is now correct in the UI
Machinegun turret button now correctly turns white when you can afford it

Changelog 0.4.8

Resolved crazy weather on Forest 1
Added configurable shortcut keys for all towers (fast build)
Build buttons no longer have focus once you've clicked one
Lighting errors resolved
Ice tower upgrade button now turns green when you can afford it

Changelog 0.4.7b

Demon grunt health reduced to compensate for new enemy health scaling
Leaderboards have been reset to account for new balance changes in 0.4.7

Changelog 0.4.7

Player rifle now shoots much faster
Player laser damage reduced
Tesla tower damage upgraded
Arrow tower damage reduced
Turbo mode has been removed
Laser tower fire rate decreased for all levels
Laser tower damage increased for all levels
Enemy health now scales harder
Plane health reduced slightly to compensate for scale
Shadows are now only visible on the highest graphics setting
Shaders changed for rocks to improve performance

We found that in previous versions of the game you could get incredibly high scores by spamming the same tower over and over again.
Once the issue had been found we needed this large rework to put the game back to where we wanted. We had buffed towers over and over without changing the enemies, so this now puts it all back in line.

We want the game to be fun and although you may not get the high scores you used to, we are asking everyone to help us test this new version and once we're happy we will reset the leaderboards (likely before the 13th of April). I would like to thank everyone for their patience and helping us to build a better game going forward! :)

Changelog 0.4.6b

Hotfix to resolve issue whereby fast upgrading could cause coin amount to go crazy

Changelog 0.4.6

Possible fix for disappearing terrain when changing graphics settings
Updated and improved all game graphics
Cleaned up a lot of old rubbish that wasn't optimised or wasn't being used
Improved shadow quality on all graphics settings
Critical hits now display as expected
Shadows are now shown on ghost placements
UI changed slightly to make coins more prominent
You can hold left ctrl and click to fast upgrade a tower (key configurable)

Changelog 0.4.5

PvP map has had design changes to speed up the game and increase the threat of costly enemies
PvP map now looks better and is more consistent
Winner of a PvP game can now remove the barrier to let the other player see their half

Changelog 0.4.4

Resolved issue whereby game over screen was not being displayed correctly in non PvP modes
Submitting the winner in PvP games should now be more reliable
Improved PvP and Forest 4 maps (the rest will follow)
Resolved issue with flamer

Changelog 0.4.3

Shotgun and pistol sounds have been changed - massive thanks to Damion Sheppard! :)
Base now sets on fire when it has less than 50 health and intensifies accordingly
Made visual improvements to Forest 4 - many more improvements to come for all levels
Weather now syncs more accurately
Main menu no longer reloads when saving options
Airplanes now spawn automatically in PvP
You can now see the health of the enemy base in PvP
Spawning minions in PvP is now considerably cheaper
Critical chance and damage now updates correctly for the second player in PvP mode

Changelog 0.4.2

There is now a one second cooldown on spawning minions in PvP
Added leaderboards to homepage

Changelog 0.4.1

Summon enemy buttons are now in order of cost
Changed game over screen in preperation for ranked ladder games
PvP lane is now split in half so you can clearly see the enemy minions

Beta Elo rating is now live
Games that you play in PvP mode will now affect your beta Elo rating. This will help us assess how well you play the game and in the future will match you against similar skilled players. This rating may be reset at any given time but is live once this update has been applied.

Changelog 0.4.0

Health bars are now displayed correctly
PvP map now looks a bit nicer
Air units now spawn automatically in pvp
Dragons and planes can now be attacked


Map Kills
Forest-4 5409
Desert-3 3647
Desert-2 3347
Desert-4 2092
Forest-1 1838
Forest-5 1635
Forest-2 1630
Forest-3 1089
Desert-1 847
CoopChallenge1 301
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Name Rating (ELO)
KizoUK 1545.17
MikeRhodes1992 1537.40
user1 1534.76
JameZor 1530.31
aurora 1500.00
kaista 1500.00
slmephi 1500.00
deathred23 1500.00
Piercy 1500.00
Nat 1500.00
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