• How do I redeem my key?
    Simply login or sign up, click control panel and use the redemption box, once redeemed you will be presented with a download button.
  • How do I host a game?
    While we work on building a better solution, to host a game you should "port forward" from your router to your computer on the same port as specified in your game client host panel, default: 25000
  • Will I need to buy the game if I was part of the closed alpha or beta?
    No, you will continue to have access to the game without the need to purchase it, you will also get an exclusive reward (this is to thank you for assisting us in testing the game and feeding back your observations)
  • Can I stream the game while in alpha/beta?
    Yes, we've had AegisM added to the twitch.tv games list, so please remember to select it when setting up your stream!
  • I am trying to log into the game but it will not let me, I can log into the website fine however!
    Please disable your antivirus and firewall to see where the issue lies. We know you must disable BitDefender or add it as an exclusion for you to be able to log in (it doesn't even tell you it's blocking it, either)!
  • I have forgotten my password!
    Until we have coded a forgotten password function on the website, please drop us a message using the Contact section of the website.