AegisM is an upcoming game that combines wave survival with tower defence play. Work with friends, compete against anyone, or go alone to survive for the longest time possible. Show how good you are on our live leaderboards (for all game types!). Compete against the world to show your tower placement, tactics and aiming skills are better than the rest!

We already have support for:

  • Player unique skill points (create your own unique character)
  • 23 playable characters
  • Four player coop
  • Player versus player
  • Lobbies with optional password protection
  • Single player
  • Worldwide leaderboards
  • Unique items
  • Dynamic weather with day and night cycle
  • 33 different towers (11 with 3 levels)
  • Lots of unique enemies and super bosses with unique abilities (good luck)
  • Shotguns
  • Pistols
  • Grenades
  • Land mines
  • Air strikes
  • Lasers
  • Railguns
You name it - we've already got it!

We're hoping this is the tower defence game you and your friends have been waiting for!


Work with up to three friends to compete in the worldwide leaderboards. Prove that you have tactics and teamwork skills to survive longer than the rest!


Compete against a maximum of three other players to show your tactics work better than everyone else’s.


Spend five skill points the way you want to help you get further. Improve your character’s stats by spending your points wisely. Improve reload speed, movement speed, increase your gun’s magazine size or reduce build and upgrade costs – the choice is yours!


Select one of five unique abilities, dash for a short speed burst, teleport for long distance travel, lights for night vision, radar for super enemy warning or slow dome to slow enemies down – which will you choose?


Enemies not only get stronger… but they also have unique abilities! We have everything from fireproof to minion spawning, speed boosting, tower destroying super enemies. How will you defend your base against them?